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Cross Country Season Overview

Cross Country Season Overview

Cross Country makes Nimitz history

An athlete strives everyday to become a better athlete. They sweat and take the pain of growing not only because they want to get better, but because they have a passion for the sport that they play. This group of athletes are not your typical group of athletes because when they leave the school, what they did here as athletes will stay behind, going down in Nimitz history forever. Every Viking Cross Country team placed third and up in the 9-6a district championships. JV Boys placing third, JV girls placing second, Varsity boys placing second and Varsity girls not only brought home a championship, but they were also the first girl Cross Country team to ever do so.

For six long strenuous months, the Nimitz Cross Country team trained themselves with no breaks, and their typical summer day was spent waking up before dawn.

“We had to wake up at six in the morning all summer and all school year, so it took a lot of hard work and dedication to get what we got,” senior Varsity member Jasmine Jaimes said.

Their hard work and dedication is what separated them from the average athlete not only them, but the Varsity boys Cross Country team as well.

“The kids run probably more the 10 miles every week, and sometimes they run over 15 miles every week so it’s a lot of hard work, a lot of determination, a lot of pain they go through so to be successful at Cross Country you have to be motivated, driven, and tough, so that’s what I think makes them exceptional.” Assistant Cross Country coach Kim Fullerton said.

Both Varsity teams made history in the long run. The Varsity boys being the  first team to qualify for Regionals and Varsity girls being the first team ever to win District Champs in all of the 45 years of Nimitz Cross Country history, and claiming these titles is quite legendary.

“It feels so unreal [to make history] we just couldn’t believe we were the first girls that got first place.” Jaimes said.

The high goals these athletes set for themselves were on the brink of  a dream or even a miracle. Yet, they broke through their comfort zones and proved the naysayers wrong, all because of their passion for the sport. Junior Jasmine Valencia on Varsity can particularly prove those naysayers wrong.

“[I have a passion for cross country] because running is my escape from stress and it makes me happy in the end when I P.R .” Jasmine Valencia says, Valencia placed second in the overall ranking, ranking the best time of the Nimitz girls. Valencia’s passion emphasizes how each and every person in cross country feels about the sport, which causes them to connect and build a better bond within their teams.

“[The best part of Cross Country to me] was getting to know new members and sharing them the tradition of being a Cross Country family.”  Valencia said.

Indeed all cross country teams did bond throughout the everyday practices, all Cross Country teams have made history at Nimitz and are only expected to get better next year.

“Next season we plan to get better… we plan to do summer runs so that we will be more prepared when we come back in fall, and the key to winning and to be more successful is to use the offseason and keep running throughout the year… also we want somebody to  qualify for the state meet, and probably try to win district again.” Coach Fullerton said.

With seniors leaving this year  they have high expectations set  for the 2016-2017 Cross Country team to come.

“ I think we are going to do better next year because we are constantly improving so I think we are going to do better next year.” Jaimes said

The 2015-2016 Cross Country members have left a historical mark on  athletic program at Nimitz and although future Cross Country Members have very big shoes to fill, with determination, dedication, and passion that these athletes shared this year, they can be a legendary team in the year to come.

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