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Texting Vs. Talking

Slaves to the Digital Age

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It seems that when it comes to teachers and phones, they seem to be repeating themselves often. To some students, teachers just don’t understand the constant need to be on a cell phone. The constant messaging, the bright screen, and the need to listen to music is all to addicting. However, from a teacher’s perspective, is a student’s addiction to their cell phone hindering their social skills?

“It’s okay if you have self-control,” said Ms. NaTonya Huff, an AP & Dual Credit English teacher at Nimitz High School. “[Students] haven’t learned to how to actually communicate and punctuate and it’s like students no longer know the difference between appropriate and inappropriate communication,” Sherry Turkle, a psychologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) believes that having a conversation with another person helps them when it comes to self reflect and reasoning. She uses apologizing over text as an example.

“A full-scale apology means I know I’ve hurt you, I get to see that in their eyes. You see that I’m uncomfortable, and with that, the compassion really kicks in.”

Apologizing to another person’s face does show that the person is willing to confront the person, opposed to over text, where there is no real way if the person is sincere in their apology unless they use the caps lock button.

Even though the older generation might think that the rest of the millennials are slaves to technology, one student has managed to break the chains of chain letters.

“Well personally, I like talking face to face because I like seeing people’s expressions and I love seeing the people I care about.” senior Karina Calva said.

There are pros and cons to both talking in person and texting. Of course if things get awkward, the person can just stop texting and walk away from their phone. Whereas talking to someone in person usually ends awkwardly for some others. On the other hand, a con of texting is whenever it it combined with driving. In the battle between talking vs. texting, talking would win. Too much is at risk whenever the driver is texting: Pedestrians, the car, other people in the car, everything. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, distracted driving was responsible for 6,000 deaths and 500,000 injuries in 2009. One form of communication less tech savvy and causes deaths, while the other is safer, but requires that the person stay off their phone is and show restraint.

Everyone has their preference on which one is their favorite form of communication, however, to some, it wouldn’t hurt to just take a seat and catch up on their favorite television show or catch up on gossip, and to others sending apologies and “LOL’s” on a tiny screen is their way of communicating. Whatever the decision, those who don’t like texting should learn about the upsides to texting and those who text should learn the upsides to talking. In this age of new technology and new ideas, no one should be closed minded about one or the other.

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