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5 Seconds of Summer Review

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5 Seconds released their self-titled album 5 Seconds of Summer,the album features more songs and the beat are better than the previous two albums.

The band has grown popular since their first album in 2012, and is band made up of Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, and Michael Clifford. Hemmings is the lead singer and his singing is amazing.

There is a common theme on the latest album because most of the songs are all about love and breakups and being together (romance). “She Looks so Perfect” and “Amnesia” are the two songs that I really love and they have a very good message with them.“She Looks so Perfect” is about a girl looking so perfect to a guy and he doesn’t care what other people say about her or how she looks he just wants to be with her. And with “Amnesia,” he is sorry for what he did and he wants his girl back, but then he thinks that this was all a lie and a joke and he doesn’t know what to think no more.

There are some songs to me that are throwaways and one of them is “Don’t Stop.” I think this song is a throw away because I don’t really like what is trying to tell us. To me the song is saying don’t stop what you are doing and to me that is boring because it is repeating it a lot. There is nothing more boring than hearing “don’t stop” over and over again. The beat doesn’t even match it because it goes too fast and to slow and that is not very good.

This album is mostly about love and being together. The instrumentation is like rock with their drums, electric guitar, and electronic beat.

This album is really good but there are some songs that are not and mostly every album has some but this is a really great album. I really enjoyed the album and I hope the fans love the album too.

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5 Seconds of Summer Review