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Extension Needed

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As the new school year starts, there are multiple changes in regards just to Nimitz.  Multiple new faces in school, teachers included as well. The  most dramatic change would be the lunch period reducing to three lunches instead of four. The change in lunch schedule has erupted various opinions among students. “It’s over crowded and takes too long to actually get food,” a current junior, Karla Moreno, comments on the subject. Many students would agree to this statement.

In comparison to other school years and it’s how the arrangement of the lunches were, the adjustment to the schedule has been hectic. According to USNEWS, Nimitz’s study body exceeds little over 2,400 kids. The separation of this group of students for only three lunches would leave 800 students to get their food from only 4 lunch lines and to eat their food too in just under thirty minutes.

SchoolNutrition.org also tells us that the law says that the minimum time a lunch has to last is twenty-five minutes. Our lunch at nimitz seems to exceed that. However, the staff aren’t taking into accountability of the serving time of the students as well as the amount of time the student has to get to the actual lunch room. Most students rush to the cafeteria as the bell for the lunch period to start rings just to have a decent place in line, and they still would take about 20 minutes in the lines just waiting for actual food to be served to them. They spend half of their life just waiting for just some food to function correctly throughout the day.

This is why there should be an extension for lunch periods for kids to actually have time to get their food, and actually eat the food without just stuffing something down their throat. According to baltimoresun’s sorce, Aleshia Highland, having an extended lunch period has many advantages like your ability to actually eat correctly, it gives you more time to think about and do their homework for the following night, or study for the test in a later period. Many of these are an outcome of a shortage of a few minutes from each class. Longer lunch durations, healthier brains.

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