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Thirteen Reasons Why Review

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13 Reasons Why is a great book to read in any given occasion, it tackles the truths about suicide, and the many situations in where you wonder if the death could’ve been stopped. It talks not only about suicide itself, but the cause and/or steps in which it was caused, for example: revenge, rape, and underage drinking as well as describing the guilt that was felt after the suicide, because although there was one victim that you can see, in itself, deep within this book, there were many more, and people that were unaware of what was going on and many perpetrators, people that decided to turn a blind eye.

To start this off in explaining this book, mainly not to ruin the book, it is about Hannah Baker, who committed suicide, before her death she records 13 tapes, exactly for 13 people, in which each person has to listen to, Hannah states that if they just ignore these tapes and don’t pass them on, they will be published for the whole student body to hear. In this book, the student that is talking and describing each part of these tapes is Clay Jensen, a shy high school student, who is very confused as to why he is involved in these tapes. As each story said in different tapes gets worse, throughout the journey of listening to these 13 tapes, Clay starts to realize and see these people with different eyes. However, in order to really understand this book, you have to understand and connect with the impact bullying has on students in modern society.

Although this book may not be based on a true story, it is something that happens in a kids everyday life. 13 Reasons Why is a great book for anybody in school, or even out of school, this being said this book can teach us as students, as well as many teachers that a cry for help may not always be written or said, but felt. Because many people can connect with this situation, it is recommended to give this book a try. If we begin to see bullying with different eyes, we can help our high school students. This book goes out to parents who don’t realize that high school is not always the way they make it seem in movies, sometimes students aren’t safe even if they say they are, even when teachers try to help, sometimes it is not enough, so talking to these kids is always helpful and very needed.

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Thirteen Reasons Why Review